Sharing Some Experiences To Play Sic Bo Online And Become Winner

Sharing Some Experiences To Play Sic Bo Online And Become Winner

Sic Bo now attracts a lot of players because playing this game is quite easy and the players have an additional source of income for those who play well. Usually, when playing a game, many factors decide to win or lose. It can be the element of luck, knowledge of the rules, and the experiences of players, and so on. Then the chance of winning will be yours.

However, not everyone can grasp those factors. To have more experience in playing online Sic Bo, in this article, we will share some experiences to help you be able to win the game.

The Rule Of Online Sic Bo

Sic Bo uses three 6-sided dices to play. The rule of the game is quite simple. The players only need to wager the results of those three dices after being shaken. Each betting type has different winning rates that are shown particularly in the table.

At the beginning of each game, you will place bets within a limited time. You can rely on your guess to make the bet. After ending the betting time, the dealer will proceed to press the button automatically to shake the dice. If your bets match the result, you win.

Experiences playing online Sic Bo makes sure winning

The first thing you need to know when you play this game is to know all the rules of this game. Knowing the rules and how to play it, you can play easily and quickly. Also, you should study the winning odds so that you can know the way to make a reasonable bet. Don’t play Sic Bo without knowing anything about it because it will make you lose continuously and become proletarian at any time.

Here are some tips to play Sic Bo that you should know.

The Martingale betting system

For betting players, this is a basic betting system that everyone needs to know to use. According to the experiences of the old Sic Bo players, you should follow the Martingale betting system in which double your betting amount when you lose is enough. The number of games you want to follow this system is based on your finance and your preference.

Using splitting tactic in Sic Bo

This tactic is suitable for players who are very interested in playing Sic Bo. Some players enter the game and feel difficult to stop but have a small capital. At that time, you can divide your money and place your bets in multiple games. Do not be eager to place a large amount of money at once, this will make you lose very badly. The more you lose, the faster you will fall into debt. Therefore, you can divide and set your goal accordingly. Be a Sic Bo player in a smart way to have fun and have the opportunity of getting prizes back.

Bet on Sic Bo according to the rules

To play online Sic Bo well, players need to have subtle observation through each bet. By observing the bets, you will recognize the rules of winning it. Usually, there will be high-rate bets mixed with low-rate bets. The dealer’s purpose is to entice the player to bet big or the players will bet All-in. If you have carefully observed and realized the rules, your mission is just to play according to your tactics and get more winnings. check out site

Knowing When To Stop

If one day you have a lot of luck and you win a lot of bets continuously, you can use that luck to place big bets. There are still some cases that someday you are unlucky and you constantly lose, you should not be angry then you want to play until the end to offset your losses. Instead of that, you should set a limit for your losses and winnings. If you reach your limit, you should stop.

You should not look at the screen and play too long because it will make your mind stressful and difficult to make wise decisions. You can give yourself a rest time and you also can play again in your next free time.


This article informs you of some experiences that you can refer to while playing online Sic Bo to earn your profits. We hope that after reading, you will apply them to your game and enjoy the moments you play Sic Bo.


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